Pest Control Services Like Pest Control Treatment, Termite Control, cockroach and Lizard control for both Commercial & Residential Section. For Export Houses we Provides Fumigation of Containers & also Heat treatment of Wood. We Provides Safe Effective, German tech. based treatment for Pests.


We are The Indian Pest Control Association  approved company based in Delhi, with a high degree of expertise, delivers customized pest control solutions to hospitals, apartments, homes, offices and We also Provide Anti Termite Treatment in buildings.

Our company's modest beginning was with the indication of its phenomenal progress over the years. Since our inception, we have been focused on honing our expertise through experience, innovation and customer feedback. We have gained an understanding of client expectations in different industries. We have given good services to our customers, using government approved branded chemicals. We have been using the updated technologies available in India. We have trained staff strength of 20 members to give our customers a good and efficient services thereby gaining customer satisfaction, with strong background and efficient services. has been dedicated to serve their customer's with full satisfaction since 1989.


Our organization invariably aims to offer continuous and satisfactory service to our customers at all levels.  The employees in our concern are technically trained, experienced and well mannered.  We have a concrete experience of in the field of Pest Management, also well equipped to undertake all type of Pest Control Activities to our customer's satisfaction in terms of their needs and cost effective based on the premises


Pests as we all know are social insects which when interferes human life are no less than an enemy. They are hazardous to our wealth as well as health. Pests carry many harmful germs and bacteria which give rises to many life taking diseases. It is not possible to eliminate pests completely from the earth as these pests also helps in maintaining the ecological balance of the nature, but we can control their growth till the extent that they don't cause any economical and health related damages. Pests being disaster and benefactor both entirely depends upon the human perception and adaptation. Pests like cockroaches, spiders, rats, Wasps and bees, termites, etc can be spotted in any corner of the world. These are the nature's one of the marvelous creation but as soon as we see them out of their natural habitat i.e. when we spot them around we call them the worst nightmare.


IPCA is the apex body of the pest control professionals, operating under the close guidance of the Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage (Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India). As a member of IPCA we are academically and technically qualified professionals as required under the Insecticides Act of the Govt. of India. IPCA has very strict norms for membership. It is mandatory for every member to undergo training course in Pest control from one of the three recognized institutes of the Govt. of India. IPCA conducts and organizes, continuous industry-wide technical training programmes that relate directly to the Quality of consumer service